Case Studies

Case Study 1

Fast Turnaround - People Alignment Flyer

Karen from People Alignment approached me to create an A4 double sided flyer for a presentation she had the next day. She was promoting a course to sell to business executives on leadership.
Please see image on the left for document which was supplied to me.

I received this document (Word doc on the left) at 11.00am and my design needed to be approved by EOB that day for a 9:30 presentation the next morning.

  • A4 double-sided flyer approved on-time
  • Custom icons, table and icongraphics
  • Professional flyer which is on brand
  • Client feedback was positive and she received some leads from her presentation

Case Study 2

Modernisation - The Women's Practice

Melissa from The Women's Practice asked me to rebrand her existing imagery as she was expanding and opening a second physiotherapy clinic. She wanted something more modern, professional and very feminine.

The flyer on the left was her existing branding.

  • New Brand Identity
  • Referral Pads
  • Letterhead
  • Social Media Icons
  • Signage for New Clinic

Case Study 3

Differentiation - Bayside Smart Business Network

The BSBN Committee were keen to rebrand as their existing branding which was developed 20 years ago was looking a little tired (original branding on the left).
They were also looking to reposition themselves in the market after a slump in member numbers and from this process they've decided to change their name to "BRBN" Bayside Redlands Business Network.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Design and Management
  • Website Design